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Thomas LaGue is an American artist working in a variety of media. LaGue’s painting reflects in part his early work as a modern dancer.  LaGue currently lives in Nashville, TN, where his work can be seen throughout the city.



Artist Statement

I was, for many years, a modern dancer. I see my paintings as an extension of my efforts as a dancer to fill, divide, shape, and control a space with rhythm, breath, and color.

For me, paint on the surface is the most pleasing achievement. To represent a realistic image is not my job when I paint. Archetypes are a huge element in all art, and my intention is often to reduce shapes or images to evoke archetypal forms.   

An abstraction will evoke a personal reaction unique to each individual viewer.

If I am successful, what occurs on the canvas results in a pure emotional response.

                                                                               Thomas Lague


Thomas LaGue
2622 Ashwood Ave.
Nashville, TN 37212
(615) 269-6333

Faux Finish Painter/ Artist 1985 – present

Faux Finishes

Residential and commercial in Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, New York, South Carolina, Louisiana, Atlanta, Maryland, Dallas, Delaware, Saudi Arabia

Faux Finishes Exhibited

Nashville War Memorial Building
Overton Traveler’s Rest Museum
Businesses and Private Residences

Art Works Exhibited

Portland Brew – Oil Paintings 2007- 2008
3431 Murphy Rd
Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 292-9010

2605 12th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37204
(615) 292-9004

Local Color Gallery – Oil Paintings Nashville, TN 1994

Faisons Restaurant – Oil Paintings Nashville, TN 1987


M.F.A (Dance) New York University, NY, 1977
BA (Sociology) University of California, Berkley, CA, 1971

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LaGue Dance

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Dancer in a costume created by LaGue for the choreographer, Carol Conway.

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